Fun Facts About Me


  • I wrote my first fan fic and sent it directly to the publisher at age 8.
  • I interviewed the director of a big circus.
  • I spent a summer milking goats and making goat cheese on a French dairy farm.
  • During my very first sea kayak experience, I watched a 9m-long whale from a 2m distance.
  • I shook hands with the Canadian Prime Minister.
  • I climbed a palm tree in Africa barefoot.
  • I slept in Luke Skywalker’s home on Tatooine.
  • I’ve held driving licences in 3 different countries on 2 continents.
  • For over a year, I made near-weekly 900km round trips by train for a 30km inline skate.
  • I was in a studio shoot for a binational TV show.
  • I’m the regional champion in my age group over 200m backstroke in the short-course pool.
  • I kissed a cow.
  • I was interviewed on French TV and national radio during the International Agricultural Fair.