Dark Magic

Dark Magic is the sequel to Girl Mages, a work-in-progress currently on stand-by.

At the end of Girl Mages, Naya was whisked away by Mariyana to a place called Gorana, to recover from the injuries she suffered – if she can.

Two years have gone by since then, two years since Evulon last spoke to Mariyana who refused to allow any contact with Naya. But now he is plagued by a vision of Dark Magic stirring in the jungles in the far south, threatening to spread north and reach Gorana and eventually the Western Lands.
Evulon resigns himself to go and see Mariyana who admits that even she is powerless against this foe. He learns that only Ancient Magic can oppose Dark Magic, and they both know there is but one Ancient Mage alive. But has Naya been able to reclaim her full powers?
Evulon sets out for Gorana, aware that two years are a long time for a young girl. He has to convince Naya to accompany him over mountains and across deserts, into territories lying beyond any map they know, to face a danger more vast and ancient than anything they have ever encountered before?