Status Green

Great news: My short story STATUS GREEN is published!

Time travel has always fascinated me. I’ve admired many time travel writers and their stories, and I’ve tried to write time travel myself for a long time, most recently my current work-in-progress, Charlotte Rescues the Renaissance.

So when I was asked if I’d like to contribute a short story to volume 2 of THE ACCIDENTAL TIME TRAVELERS COLLECTIVE, I was thrilled.
The anthology features 12 stories from new and returning time travel authors, and I am proud and honored that my story STATUS GREEN is one of them.

THE ACCIDENTAL TIME TRAVELERS COLLECTIVE, VOLUME 2 is now available both as eBook and as paperback at,,,, and any other Amazon country site.

My short story STATUS GREEN is a prequel to Charlotte Rescues the Renaissance, focusing on three secondary characters with a brief cameo by Charlotte.
Trainee agents Guy, Raoul, and Maelle are on a mission for the Time Protection Agency: saving a noble close to King Charles VIII of France from opportunistic rebel time travelers dubbed ChronoOpportunists. As Guy and Raoul keep watch at the royal Château Amboise in 1498 and Maelle tracks them on her computer screen at the Agency, what they want above all is to ace their final exam and become full agents. But while they’re defending the existing timeline against the ChronoOpportunists, the trio secretly wonders if it is possible to change the past without triggering the alarm at the Agency.

And here is the first review for STATUS GREEN by someone I absolutely don’t know (a writer named Kat Kinney),as posted on Goodreads: