Girl Mages opening

Getting Out

“Can you keep a secret?” Evulon’s eyes glittered mischievously.
“From whom?”
“Mariyana, of course.”
Naya hesitated. There was a reason she called Mariyana her trustmother. The Mage had rescued her, taken her in and treated her like a daughter. The trust between them Naya could not betray.
Yet she knew that Mariyana and Evulon, two of the most powerful Mages of the Western Lands, were often at odds on how to tackle an issue.
“That depends on what it is,” she said guardedly.
“I’m going to Ytobiq to spy on Ratun.”
“What for?” Naya asked although she could guess the answer. Ratun was ruling the land of Ytobiq even more harshly than his predecessor from whom Naya had fled.
“Someone has to bring him down eventually. And that someone is not going to be Mariyana with her diplomacy.”
“Ratun’s a lot more powerful than his predecessor.”
“So what?”
“You’re crazy.” Naya grinned. “Can I come?”
Naya had expected Evulon to refuse, and she was prepared to negotiate. What she had not expected, however, was the reason Evulon gave.
“If I take you, Mariyana will come after us and bring you home. Is that what you want?”
“You’d stop her, wouldn’t you?”
Evulon sighed. “Naya, you know how Mariyana and I get along. Please don’t make things more difficult than they already are, not with Ratun ruling in Ytobiq.”
Naya did not want to be the cause for a feud between her best friend and her trustmother. It took her only a few moments to come up with an idea.
“Promise you’ll keep in touch with me. Let’s say we Communicate every three days, and at the full and new moon.”
“We’ll do that.” Evulon looked relieved. “Just make sure Mariyana doesn’t suspect anything.”
Naya grinned. “If you can keep a promise, I can keep a secret.”
She held out her hand to him, and their fingertips touched, sealing both promises.