Dragonflame main characters

Who is who in Dragonflame

Meet the main characters from the first story from the Mage Girl universe, set in the five Western Lands between the Eastern Mountains and the Great Ocean: Beddyan, Ytobiq, Tion, Dogan and the island nation of Numara.

Naya is a young girl persecuted in her homeland of Ytobiq for possessing Magic skills, even though she barely knows them. Rescued by the powerful Mage and diplomat Mariyana, she gradually discovers her strong and unusual Magic skills.

Mariyana has made it her duty to teach children with various degrees of Magic skills and to attempt the resolution of political differences with diplomacy. One of the rare powerful “Full Mages” on the mainland of the Western Lands, she is called upon to rally support when the land of Beddyan is invaded by an army of dragons.

Evulon was exiled from the all-Mage island nation of Numara for his notoriously reckless behaviour. Though much younger than Mariyana, he is quick to assist her mission and becomes fast friends with the inexperienced young girl that Mariyana has adopted.

Dogo is the son of an innkeeper in Ventalis, the capital of Beddyan. He makes friends with Naya and accompanies her in her search for Mariyana who has gone missing. The discovery of Dogo’s Magic ability to communicate with animals leads to his participation in the defence effort against the invasion army.

Oduran leads an army of dragons who many generations ago lost their home in a Mages’ experiment gone wrong and now invade the Western Lands with the aim of eliminating all Mages to claim the lands for themselves.

Endogas is a dragon cast out by his brethren before they lost their home. He rejects Mariyana’s request for help, but when he meets Naya, he thinks again.

Anor Ula, Head Mage of the all-Mage island of Numara, adheres to an isolationist policy and considers the invasion of the mainland no threat to his nation. Since the support of the Numara Mages is crucial to repel the invaders, Mariyana, Evulon and Naya need to find a way to change his mind.

The King of Ytobiq systematically persecutes girls and women with Magic abilities, forcing Naya to live in hiding until Mariyana comes to her rescue. He makes an alliance with the dragon army and leads his own forces into Beddyan, delaying the hastily assembled defence army.