Mage Girl is a fantasy series centred around Naya, a girl who discovers her Magic skills as her homelands are threatened by invading armies and tyrannical rulers.

Guided at first by the powerful Mages Mariyana and Evulon, Naya learns to master the unique Magic skills that will enable her to protect both her homelands and her friends from the enemies.


Naya’s adventures start in Dragonflame with an army of fierce warriors and hostile dragons invading the land of Beddyan. As Mariyana attempts to win over the Mages of the island nation Numara, Naya finds herself facing the challenge of convincing an exiled dragon to lend his crucial support to their cause.

In Girl Mages, Naya and Evulon face the tyrannical ruler of Ytobiq, Naya’s birthland, who imprisons all girls with Magic skills and uses the Magic of his henchmen for himself. As Naya struggles with the limits of her still fragile Magic power, they have to protect their enemy’s victims and find allies in a bid to overthrow him and finally put and end to the discrimination against girl Mages once and for all.

Dark Magic reunites Naya and Evulon after a two-year long separation during which Naya recovered from the injuries she suffered in the final confrontation of Girl Mages. An ancient and evil power is threatening her new life but also the homelands of her friends. As the only remaining Mage with the power of Ancient Magic, Naya understands she has no choice but to journey to the unknown lands in the south and face the source of the evil power. She finds that her Magic Bond with Evulon is reinforced by something stronger than just friendship.

The Girl Mage and the Dragon is a future project. Set in the Western Lands after the end of Girl Mages, its protagonist is not Naya, but one of the younger girls she rescued from the schemes of the Ytobic strongman.

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