Dark Magic opening

A Warm Welcome

The green plains of Gorana stretched far into the distance, limited only by the rolling hills on the far horizon. The nearest village was nestled in a bend of the Gorana river that wound its way from the southern hills northward to the faraway sea. Any stranger coming to the plains would be noticed long before he arrived at the dwellings, assuming he arrived by ordinary means.
Evulon did not need to rely on ordinary means, he was powerful enough to Relocate to any place in the plains straight from his home in Numara, an ocean and a continent away. Yet he respected these people whom he considered friends, though he had never met them, and had arrived on the road, visible to all and any who cared to look in his direction.
As he approached the village, part of him wanted to accelerate his pace, while another part would rather slow down. It had been two years, and he could hardly await the moment when he would see Naya again.
But two years were a long time for a young girl. Would she still feel the same for him? The Bond between them that had been forged in the Healing of the dragon would never break, but though they were Mages they were also human.
She had spent the last two years away from everyone she had ever known before, sent to live with the people of Gorana, who had offered to take her in and treat her like one of their own daughters. She would at last have found parents, brothers and sisters cousins, the family she never had. Would she still care for him?
And how could he tell her of the danger he had discovered, that threatened not only the green plains around him, but also the lands to the north she had once called home.