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19 thoughts on “Guestbook

  1. Lovely website. Good luck with the publishers and can’t wait to read all of your stories 🙂

  2. Hey, that looks promising! I very much hope your Story finds a good home and that we can hold in in our hand soon, printed and with a nice Illustration on the cover! *g*
    All the best,

  3. Looks nice. Your margins are a bit bare, but I’m sure they’ll fill up in time, with more quotes and some illustrations.

    It’s a friendly site, easy to navigate.

  4. Mayken, c´est doublement fantastique, ton projet et ton style. Quelle belle réalisation, quel boulot et sûrement quelle perséverance pour en arriver là, je te souhaite tous le succès du monde. Je me rappelle combien tu me parlais à l´époque du Seigneur des anneaux, et je garde de très bons souvenirs de ces années là. bises depuis São Paulo,


  5. The site is looking good. However it’s frustrating to not have information as to how to actually get the first book.

    Are you self-publishing? Kindle, iBook, Unbound and that sort of thing?

    Although there is information about the book and characters there doesn’t seem to be information as to the status of the first book itself (finished? printing? published? downloadable? ???).

    Bravo et bon courage !

    • Hello Derek,
      thank you for your feedback.
      I am currently looking for a publisher for the first Mage Girl book, Dragonflame.
      I added the information on the website.
      All the best,

  6. Great looking website! Keep writing.
    Good luck with finding a publisher. All fingers crossed for you.

    all best,

  7. Great work, dear daughter! The homepage as well as your writing.
    Having read the first draft of mage girl – dragonflame some time ago, I can’t wait to continue – although – in my age, the hope for practical daily magics is somewhat getting overlapped by daily reality. Still: also dreaming is part of this, of my reality.
    Keep going. I cross my fingers for your success and my heart and thoughts are with you.

  8. Congratulation! Very nice und professional-looking website.
    I hope you will find a publisher very soon – best of luck!

  9. Liebe Mayken,
    Sehr schöne Seite. Mit Sicherheit dauert es nicht mehr lange, bis wir morgens im Zug zur Arbeit Dein Buch lesen. Wir können es kaum erwarten.

    Viele liebe Grüße aus dem Rheinland von Petra und Stefan.

  10. Just thought I’d say hi and help you knock the dust off. 😊 Site looks great. Didn’t realize you were writing about mages, too. My current (Adult Urban Fantasy) WiP is also about a mage.

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