Girl Mages

Although Girl Mages picks up Naya’s story where Dragonflame leaves off, it is intended for both returning and new readers.

Naya has settled in Alyna, studying Magic under Mariyana’s guidance and settling back into a normal life.
Following the death of the Ytobiq king in the Dragon War, a new tyrant has taken power in the land of Naya’s birth. Life is becoming ever more dangerous there for girls with Magic, prompting Evulon, Naya’s powerful and reckless Mage friend, to venture to Ytobiq’s capital Takond.
When one morning Naya finds herself unable to Communicate with him, she knows something has gone terribly wrong. As Mariyana is called away to the Court in Candara, Naya decides to travel to Takond and rescue the Mage, finding help where she least expects it.
But can Naya and her new friends win this very different war of opposing factions in a land still hostile to girl Mages? And will Naya master her still fragile Magic power while learning to take responsibility for others?

Listen to an excerpt from Girl Mages and accompany Naya to an inn on the Ytobiq border to learn about the situation in Ytobiq.

Middle Grade fantasy
Status: sequel on stand-by