Charlotte Rescues the Renaissance

Twelve-year-old Charlotte is a joint-custody kid. That wouldn’t make her special, if her parents didn’t work for ANPIT, the French National Agency for the Protection of Temporal Integrity. Her mother is a Voyageur, based at ANPIT headquarters in Paris in the early 21st century (aka the Present), while her father is a Resident, living embedded in the past, or to be precise, the early 16th century. Henry VIII is king of England, Magellan’s crew has sailed around the globe, and French King Francis the 1st has for some mysterious reason (which Charlotte suspects to be the influence of ANPIT’s enemy time travellers, the ChronoOppers) decided not to ride to the Battle of Pavia but to explore and settle the North American continent instead.

If Charlotte can’t put the past to rights, all of North America will become a French colony, and her mom will be stuck in the 100-Year-War forever.

Status: WIP