A young girl must develop her Magic skills and befriend a dragon to save her homelands from an ancient foe.

Centuries ago the dragons’ homeland disappeared into the ocean. The human inhabitants of the lost land fled to the Western Lands inhabited by a Mage people. There the dragons would not follow, but continued across the Eastern Mountains in search of a new home.
Today they are long forgotten. Magic has weakened in the Western Lands, only on the island of Numara has it remained pure. But Numara’s Mages have isolated themselves from the Mainland.
As an army of warriors and dragons crosses the Mountains from the east to invade and occupy the Western Lands, powerful Mage Mariyana is called upon to reconcile the Numarans with their Mainland cousins and help them fight the inevitable war.
But does she have the time? Or is her young and inexperienced student Naya, a girl with special powers not seen in a Mage for hundreds of years, the only hope for the Western Lands?

Middle Grade fantasy
Status: full rewrite ongoing