I am Delphine Lamarck

Jean-Baptiste Lamarck, in full Jean-Baptiste-Pierre-Antoine de Monet, chevalier de Lamarck (born August 1, 1744, Bazentin-le-Petit, Picardy, France—died December 18, 1829, Paris), pioneer French biologist who is best known for his idea that acquired characters are inheritable, an idea known as Lamarckism, which is controverted by modern genetics and evolutionary theory.
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What if there were people would could change ever so subtly to “adapt” to their environment? And how would they fare in present-day Western society?

Meet Delphine, a almost-15-year-old offspring from a long line of “Lamarcks”, a human subspecies with the innate ability to “adapt” themselves and display physical prowess. The skill develops with puberty, and already her 16-year-old brother is the fastest runner in their school. But Delphine’s 15th birthday approaches, and yet another bad grade in physical education mars her report card. If her genes let her down, she will be separated from her family and sent to live in a normal foster family, as the Lamarcks try to protect their gene pool. Amidst her cousins’ taunting and her growing fear, Delphine wants to find out the truth about herself.


A coming-of-age short story.
Status: WIP