The Girl Mage and the Dragon

The Girl Mage and the Dragon is, or rather will be, a story set in Ytobiq after the end of Girl Mages. Its protagonist will not be Naya (who might or might not have a cameo towards the end) but Lanna, the very young gifted girl Mage Naya rescues from a Mage prison in Takond.
As Numara Mages gradually retreat from their tasks as teachers in Ytobiq Mage schools, leaving room for locals, Lanna alone realises the old guard is slowly trying to rise up again and recover the power they lost in Ratun’s defeat.
With no Mage she can trust within reach, and none of her friends, not even her sister Sylaya, believing her views, Lanna sets out on her own to find the one being she believes can help her: Endogas the dragon.
Ytobiq is once again becoming a dangerous place for a girl with Magic, and the journey to Ambat where Endogas resides is long and full of unknown risks.
Will Lanna make it that far? And will Endogas still be there, and agree to help her?