A Gap in Time

A Gap in Time is the working title of a time travel story that takes the protagonists from the present to the empire days of Ancient Rome. Their quest for the missing piece that will allow them to return to their own time leads them from Hadrian’s Wall all the way to Rome itself.

Although I have read extensively on the period and visited a number of sites, museums and archaeological digs from England to Tunisia, I am looking to team up with an expert on the period who could answer my questions on all those small everyday things my protagonists would invariably encounter on their long journey.

What kind of underwear did the women wear?
How do you quickly earn a little money to pay for food and other basic necessities?
Did the Romans really not have stirrups?
Which words would they use when swearing?

If you are that expert, please contact me.

Meanwhile, you can read the opening chapter “The Find”.

Fun fact: A Gap in Time started out long ago as the story about a girl from Ancient Rome who was accidentally thrown into the present and then hunted down the evil time traveller with the help of a United Nation intern. Sounds silly? Well, the premises of the story have evolved a lot since then. What remains are Ancient Rome and the accidental time travel